The Economic, Social and Environmental Council is an independent constitutional institution, set up by His Majesty King Mohammed VI on February 21, 2011. It carries out advisory missions on major development guidelines, economic and social public policies as well as those concerning sustainable development and advanced regionalization.

In order to carry out its missions, the ESEC relies on a participatory approach based on listening, debate and convergence of the points of view of different parts of society and the forces that are the country’s lifeblood.

The Council also relies on a global approach, favors cross-cutting themes and encourages daring and creativity in the presentation of opinions and proposals.

Its varied membership positions the Council as a privileged actor when:

  • participating with all the country’s vital forces in the development and enhancement of public policies;
  • discussions in the process of decision-making and in the strengthening of participation in democratic practices required when major reforms are being pursued in our country;
  • correlating the points of view of economic and social partners and organized civil society with a view to creating an inclusive social charter benefiting all citizens.
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